Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Final Scene????

I believe this might be the final Maya model of my scene, once the backdrop is dropped, it should be complete. There was a problem that I couldn't figure out with the bump texture level always remaining the same despite deleting the map and setting the level at 0. I will also try to adjust the UV map scale of the block above the sandwich stand tomorrow as you can tell by the grain that it is too big.


  1. looking at it now, perhaps its darker on my screen, the bump makes it look almost battered as if it has been knock about and used alot.

  2. Yeah, dude you wanna lower the bump on the chairs, id make it like .100 or summin.

  3. hey thanks for the comments, but yh I and Jack were tryna lower the bump map, but Maya weren't havin it, we even tried deletin da bump map but somehow Maya kept findin it, she's too smart.