Thursday, 21 January 2010

Blue Velvet written review

Blue Velvet in ways, reminded me of Repulsion. Both films display how someone's mental state can change as a result of the way they are treated. A scene that I can immediately relate to 'the uncanny' is when Jeffrey finds the ear in the grass, the truth is, you could put that ear anywhere, and it would be 'uncanny' but, I think it was the angle and way it was revealed, that made you really get that 'ear-ie' (<-- joke) feeling. Another part of the film that falls within our unit, is when Dorothy is standing nude outside the detective's house, it reminds me alot of Gregory Crewdson's work. Another scene that provides this eerie feeling is when Jeffrey is getting beaten up and you see that woman dancing on top of the car, it's so out of place, that it provides you with that feeling.

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