Thursday, 26 November 2009

20,000 Leagues research

After reading up on some background information for 20,000 leagues under the sea, I found out that the 1954 Disney adaption of the 1870 Hetzel novel was one that praised itself on the extrordinary creatures under the sea, the vast landscapes and the relationship between all the crew members. The scene in which the crew are attacked by a giant squid is one of the more memorable scenes, it showcases the techniques used to create such a colosal monster and expresses the sheer size of it as the crew members constantly attempt to battle it. The friendships of the members on board was important to the movie as they help to form the team work displayed in the later scenes as they approach life threatening situations. The piece of landscape artwork displayed, done by matte artist Peter Ellenshaw really influenced my landscapes as they displayed the immense rocks in comparison to the submarine with good use of depth with foreground elements.

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