Friday, 27 November 2009

Metropolis analysis

Although I can appreciate the unique art that takes place in films such as this German Expressionism film, I was a bit weary as to how good the story line would be as I believe movies cannot do much if a good story line isn't present. It reminds me of what happens when games try to be movies, where games focus heavily on cinematics but do not provide in the game play side. If you sit down to play a game, you sit down (unless you're playing Wii sports) to play a game, not to watch a movie. However, this can be done successfully, such as with Metal Gear Solid 4, in which 90 minutes worth of cutscenes are included whilst delivering the game play. The story, personally, I can compare to that of Spielberg's work, you feel like you're approaching the end of a film, but you want it continue, and it does just that. The story includes a twist at the end, which I feel sort of satisfies you as a viewer, and leaves you thinking "that was a good film". In this particular film, the effect of the story is heightened by the background content, the off-angle buildings create an unusual, strange feeling that isn't so much to throw you off the film. In fact, I unintentionally carried this on into one of my digital paintings, when I was first experimenting with the graphics tablet, I found myself creating off-angled building because I felt it suited the look, however it was only after that I realised this liking came from watching Metropolis.

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