Friday, 27 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands analysis

This was the first time watching Edward Scissorhands and to be honest, I feel as if I should have researched it a bit as friends were telling me that they were scared of the film when they saw it, that, accompanied by the scary front cover had me thinking this was a thriller. Then, when Phil said "if you're not feeling Christmassy, then you will now", I was confused. As soon as the film started however, it felt immediately as how Phil explained it, a Christmassy film, the bright colours and music made me feel merry. The colours used on the houses was very stylistic and provided a sense of being somewhere that doesn't exist. I had a similar feeling watching Pleasantville, however I believe this was down to the personalities, styling and script as Pleasantville was, for the most, a B&W film. Halfway through the film however, I realised what my friends were talking about, especially when you first meet Edward Scissorhands the suspense created is immense as he is at the very top floor in a dark corner of the roof. The ending of the film was a bit of a surprise as it is neither happy nor sad, it is however, realistic in the sense that if Edward Scissorhands did exist this is probably what would happen to him, he would return to where he came from after a failed attempt of fitting in with society.

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