Sunday, 8 November 2009

20,000 leagues under the sea

In preparation for my final pieces, I intend to create some development images of the following scenes read in the passages:

Arronax expression as he sees wounded man

The power created from this image will be from the fact that you don't see the wounded man but only see Arronax's expression.

Captain surrounded by men at the end of the ship

This will need some exploration. May read into the angles used in Titanic when u see Jack and Rose at the end of the ship.

Arronax underwated surrounded by corals etc

This will express the beauty surrounded by Arronax as he reaches the corals etc

Arronax over shoulder at axe hitting ground as they bury man

This will display the vast landscape and the creatures fleeing from the axe aswell as the sparks created, from an over the shoulder shot.

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